God in action

A few days ago I had a dream about golden coins which reminded me instantly that I met its interpretation in one of Neville Goddard’s lectures I wrote down in one of my copybooks. The first impetus was that to search the answer in each of my copybooks. So I began the search. I needed to find just two words from tremendous amount of lectures. There are twelve copybooks in which I have written down more than one hundred lectures of Neville Goddard.

After a few minutes of unsuccessful search I decided that it was impossible and ridiculous to find the answer I needed to. So I just left it as it was.

This morning, as usual, after my breakfast I made up my mind to read some of Neville Goddard’s lectures. I just reached out my hand for a copybook and unconsciously chose one of them. And I began to read. Suddenly my eyes caught the words “golden” and “silver”. It was the passage I had been searching for a few days ago.

I was so happy to find the answer in such a wonderful manner: effortlessly and the timing was just perfect.

For my reasoning conscious mind it seemed impossible to find the answer. But for the greater one, for the Subconscious Mind, all things were possible. So I let go and let God give me what I wanted to receive. In this case it was these two words. And in a brief space of time God granted me with the answer. I needed not to struggle or to use any effort for receiving it. It came to me effortlessly and naturally. I just put all my trust in God and He rewarded me for my faith.

I turned to God and saw the fruits of my faith in actuality.



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