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The Narrow Path

29 June, 2014

The narrow path.

I was in hell; I was in heaven.

I was a fool and I was clever.

I was alive and I was dead.

I was alone and I was helped.

I was prosperous; I was poor.

I was in doubt; I was sure.

I was unhappy; I was merry.

I had much load and none to carry.

I was a coward; I was brave.

I was a free one; was a slave.

I was like sunshine, like a cloud.

I was ashamed and I was proud.

I was beloved; I was deceived.

I’ve learnt so much from life, indeed.

I’ve found my path. Now it is straight.

What I imagine, I create.


What is there around the corner?


“There is always something interesting there to find. As though I have already had what I want, I am still looking for amazing surprises that life lays up in store for me. I appreciate everything I have already received from life and I am looking forward to enlarge my consciousness for having more in the present and in the future. Thank You, Life, for your storehouse is always full of unique goodies and open to me and to everyone at any time”. ~ Zhalya Abiyeva

Inspiration source is Walt Disney’s character Ariel from “Little Mermaid” (an illustration taken from Disney’s magazine “Princess”).

Materials used:
1) The graphite pencil HB. I used this pencil for creating contours and main details of the character).
2) The graphite pencil KOH-I-NOOR 3B–1 for marking out darker parts and for final outline of the character.
3) Little piece of cotton wool for shading.